Mellor Ware

About Lianne

My name is Lianne Mellor and I am the designer and illustrator of a range of homeware called Mellor Ware.

As I was growing up, my childhood was filled with making dens, drawing pictures and listening to wild and exciting stories. I guess this is what led to my overactive imagination, creating narratives and giving life to the things that surrounded me, from the birds in the garden, to the fish on the counter at the local market.

I began selling my illustrations while studying for my degree in architecture. When I graduated in 2009 I realised that my passion lay with telling stories through my watercolour illustrations. I gradually began to develop my portfolio of drawings into collection of useable products.

I get great satisfaction from watching people’s faces as they see my illustrations for the first time, it’s as if I can see them creating their own stories and scenarios for each of the characters. That’s the beauty of an illustration… the story telling is only limited by your own imagination!